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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Keeping Levels of Learning Gained so far: Summer Holiday Discount Tuition

Holding onto - Keeping Study Skills and Competencies across the Summer School Holidays:-

Those levels of skills and competencies in National Curriculum subjects particularly Key Stage 1&2, or GCSE and A Level subjects might just benefit from an hours tuition a week through the summer so they are not forgotten and students can pick up easily where they left off.  The most important of these of course, is the English where it's not the first language at thome!.

Students learning to play a musical instruments keep practising, why not allow your Child or Young Adult; each one a hard working model student, who has studied so hard in this academic year to learn and keep on track and have the same opportunity to maintain their English and Maths through the School holiday?  Or allow the higher level student with their struggle with so many chosen examination subjects keep their knowledge fresh for the next year and level.

Functional skills in the basics of ICT are so useful and are lessening in favour of pure computing in Schools; skills such as Microsoft Office programmes are being changed and there are moves towards coding and computing. The old ICT key skills and Numeracy and Communication plus Problem Solving but could be valuable additions and also a foundation for the future.

It could just make all the difference to your students' future success to have a continuation across the Summer holidays.

Similarly struggling students or those with Special Educational needs.

Discounted rates are available over the Summer School Holidays for subjects other than Music or Modern Foreign Languages, (maybe an hour's tuition could help the Grandparents or Carers for an hour's morning or afternoon break too)!

Either single lesson/tuition payment, or monthly or for the full six weeks.

Email or text or phone 07402 539 300 for details.

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