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A web-blog for a new micro business - very micro indeed and should technically be called a Small Business - primarily with four strands - see the pages.

This Micro Company (small business - very small business)  was active 2007-2010 and again 2015 to the present.

This web-blog is primarily to offer all the different strands of the Small Business in one online location - for Tuition see

(There is a conflict whereby a website would be more attractive - but it cant sell to the various audiences or segments or genres and so there would need to be more than one website).

The design of a suitable website is in progress.


There are profiles on Tutorhunt or First Tutors or SuperProf you can view,  register with, these have uploaded qualifications and references.

Check the Profile Page.


There is a Micro Micro Business.

Policy Writing and Environment Risk Assessment, Quality Procedure Authoring to ISO 9001 is also offered under the Freelance strand.

According to local Tuition Agencies, the Tuition business has now picked up again and so QAAWyrd Tutoring can be resurrected.

Additionally there will be three more 'strands' to the small-micro business for reasons of the seasonal nature of Tuition.

It is important to link into an Aim Higher lifestyle concept locally and keep up to date, and school league tables do indicate the students could be more successful - the question is why aren't results in line with the UK average...when we are in such a pleasant and easily accessible area - the answer is the the traditional industry in the locality of Nottingham City is Light Engineering and where individuals gained promotion through their company and attended night school for further Education whilst in work. Initial Employment depended on few qualifications as that meant a lower salary bill.

For this small-micro business 'Keeping-Up' is an important concept and there are 'Lifestyle' business inputs, including  Direct Sales and Cosmetics and Health products just generally promoting confidence.

Women's world, particularly when opting for potentially becoming part of the Business or Academic world can be one where Confidence is badly in need of constant reassurance.  The same goes for Guys but less obviously - lets face it we all feel that we may be swamped by the Establishment or Media concept of the world that is less than tolerant.

The Direct Sales will of course bring in commission payments and Monetising the Web-blog cannot be avoided if Business is the focus.

There are price lists for Health, Beauty and other products on the Direct Sales - Beauty info page.

Child Care for the Over8s is another Aim Higher concept whereby personal experience of meeting all the criteria expected of family orientated people results in a need for someone to care for Children and Old People too another traditionally women's role so we are now in the realm of SuperWoman (and yet the local park is advertised with Batman and SuperHero concepts!)

An Ofsted voluntary registration will be made shortly for the Over8s childcare and this will link into the Local City Council available list. There are stricter rules for under 8s and as a trained Secondary School Teacher (with training in a Junior School too) its more practical to focus on Over 8  year olds and allow the younger children to be Child Minded by trained people in Nursery and Under 8s.

Price Lists for Tuition and ChildCare for the over8s are based on four weekly contracts that are ongoing with discounts for regular bookings.

Virtual Assistant is the fourth strand in this micro business that appears quite significantly on the internet but needs some more investigating - there is potentially more success to be made in this area by advertising locally for a couple of Businesses or Individuals who are too busy to manage their own Social Media and Administration and emails so Ads are being made.

Prices to be agreed with the clients and written into basic contracts after discussion.

Payment will be via Pay Pal to avoid giving out Bank Details.

As far as the internet input goes at the outset - there will be an entry through the Yell advertising as well as online Tuition Forum memberships and the Tuition Agency from 2007-2012 contact is already in place.

A Disclosure and Barring Service Certificate is available dated 2015.

The Direct Sales Company have their own separate webpage but there is a click through link. ChildCare for the Over8s is available in the holiday times (with a registration via Ofsted soon which will generate a link to the Local City Council Childcare lists) and there's an option for some work as a Virtual Assistant.

If all goes well the Micro Company will balance some Temporary, Supply or Contract work.

Evolving and Ongoing Internet Presence - A reasonably rambling look at where QAAConfidence is at.

Starting Out (again! Some pitfalls luckily can now be avoided and the Internet itself has adapted and evolved in the meantime - the question now is how to resist some of the more flashy and impressive websites that wont result in any better SEO results!)

Apart from the usual Facebook Pages, Twitter and Web-blogs there are other internet problems to work on.

Hopefully as all the information online develops into a well seasoned internet presence  and we catch up with sites that have been left dormant for a while - (British Telecom email logins for example have now changed from bt yahoo with very little warning and these previously ran tuition forum links) and the website design unfolds (who to target a website at, where can it fit in a SEO concept - do we just advertise everything locally etc etc are all questions that shouldn't be resolved in the first few months but should depend on the enquiries made through the online agencies etc).

Those logins need updating and more work on the profiles is required - as well as create some new links once they have been evaluated for acceptability - The pace of change has been tremendous but individuals can keep up with some dedicated input.

Mostly as the Internet has changed and evolved over the last years from 2004-5 when we first began to use information like Stumble Upon, Facebook, and then Twitter - there have been opportunities for small businesses to have a presence alongside the big players but it takes a considerable amount of effort and monetising via Blogger will probably bring only a small reward but is worth investigating and trialing. Then there are lots of web search entries that have not been agreed to, to be tracked and dealt with on an ongoing basis.

For example there have been changes in online Tuition advertising etc. Yell are cool and just input a basic ad without personal info - but then unscrupulous other websites trawl Yell for info and create links. (When a presence on an advertising site is not requested and has personal info that should not be on the internet appears there is consequently lots of administration required to make sure everything is acceptable).

The plan with any micro micro business is to weave individual acceptable pearls or blogs or websites, information sites, social media pages and twitters into a coherent theme and evaluate them constantly and work with all the statistics and inputs so a balanced view of what works and what doesn't work can be used to evolve further online and with reasonable success - based on the hours that are available of course.. This is the reason for the title QAAWyrd for the Tutoring strand - Q being the google search with the least entries and so giving a better probability of appearing somewhere in the first 100 liks, in theory.

The old Google key words have gone and a journey into monetising would be cool but to keep it to the UK or local sites may be a problem - so more evaluation is required. Adsense will be trialed to see if there are UK and cool Ads placed on the blog and if these bring in any income.

At the current time I have some input in Local Travel and Tourism too but this strand can stand alone and so won't be documented here.

The Amway Direct Sales (ABO - Amway Business Owner) also has to be kept distinct and separate from their code of conduct and legalities.  There is however one link to my Amway webpage on the Dilydaydream Beauty Page.

Making resources and taking photos does take some time and there are task sheets and timetables and to do lists to keep to as well as resource preparation and Examination Board Specification familiarisation.  The changes in this field are staggering and should be controlled from somewhere other than Governments.

Sometimes the old resources are perfect and sometimes they are going to need revisiting - sadly time constraints sometimes dictate that the less than perfect is tolerable. For example this timetable (shown below) - made for my purposes has gaps that are not even. Sad but tolerable in the manic set up phase.

Other Tuition businesses started at the same time - but had a team rather than a one person setup (micro business) and have gone on to great things. For example my university tutors who are also authors of accepted Business Studies Text Books (D Needham and R Dransfield) started the Times100 resources online (on CD to begin with) but even the Companies themselves have changed beyond recognition in the last ten years.  Amway - my Direct Sales Business Opportunity - are included as one of their Case Studies.

Education itself is no longer Case Study based and the Linear examinations will take more dedication from students but will provide only one examination season unless students are taking exams early. The Tech Levels are completely new.

The Business will work mainly in the afternoons and evenings to leave a space for P.A.Y.E. work if it is available on a temporary basis and very late or early mornings (internet updates and online input) to catch the best internet speed time which in my locality is around 10pm to 1am and onwards to the ordinary local business times of 8am because of broadband issues.

Thats 12pm to 6pm practical input plus online administration in the fastest broadband internet speed options. (Also constrained when the local University - who have the internet booster anntenae - are on holiday!)

If all goes well- the time constraints of one person and a working week could evolve into a Tuition Agency or Franchise. Time will tell.  At that point this blog may become invaluable as a resource. The time allocated for all four strands is between 30 and 40 hours per week.  This will reduce if a PAYE role becomes available.

Its necessary to reassure folk who are looking for Tuition or Over8s ChildCare or Virtual Online Assistant contracts that these will be honoured and balanced with any PAYE work.  For example Tuition will mostly be late afternoons or evenings and weekends.  Over8s ChildCare will mostly be in the School Holiday periods and the Virtual Assistant can be carried out each day around any other committed hours. Contracts and timetables will be made to accommodate work that is ongoing.

Set up Timetable - Two Months (July - August 2015) Weeks One

Set Up Timetable Two Months (July - August 2015) Weeks 2

Hopefully there is another Sole Trader or Micro Business, or even a Creative or Craft Individual out there who would be interested in a suite of Social Media Accounts being Designed, set up and maintained - with Administration and basic Accounting!  At that point the Direct Sales hours will be shared with the new contract and the agreed hours would be allocated each day, task sheets and timetables completed and forwarded plus basic accounting (book-keeping) to allow their micro company, the energy and time to focus on their trade.  

Ad Sense evaluating falls in Develop Strands 4+.

Advertising for this new Micro Micro Self Employed Trading As Company is THE key. The Direct Sales have to be conducted in person according to their Company trading rules which is something of a disappointment.

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