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Green Energy

A Sensible Green Future - One Nottingham Towards 2020

If you require Green Energy Information and are concerned about the amount of Information and Updates to read, analyse and evaluate ...

Let QAA-Confidence do the work for you!!

As a Virtual Assistant - and Project Researcher QAA-Confidence can find expert information quickly. Even the Local Government and their associated Initiatives are stretched for Funding and-or time and having problems keeping up to date with the latest changes. Individuals and Micro Self Employed or Small Companies can be struggling to do keep up with new Environment issues (and other projects).

For example - the Government Green Deal was discontinued in July 2015 and at 9th August the information is still filtering through.

For Green Energy Information for your home - to be Environmentally Friendly - or for Micro or Small Businesses who need an Environment Risk Assessment (ISO 14000 and 14001) QAA-Confidence can help you.

QAA-Confidence maintains a small blog - (occasionally similarly challenged on updates), but the difference is - in the background there are rss feeds and Tweets on Green Energy Issues flying into the inbox hourly - its a simple system to set up and can bring useful results to compile any information you seek and keep it updated.

As a Virtual Assistant this system can be added to your own Computer System if you are a small business easily and quickly. Reports can be compiled too.

In addition for those wishing to be as Environmentally Friendly in their home environment as possible - there is a bewildering array of Information and Mis-Information to wade through to decide on the best options.

Choose Wisely

Information and appointments are available from Qaa-Confidence at Virtual Assistant Rates, to discuss sensible Green Environment issues and there is a collection of useful publications, website links and local City and County Council updates. Plus further National Government Legislation and Initiative changes that will affect homeowners. If QAA-Confidence doesn't already have the information - it can be found and analysed and evaluated.

Greening our Area

As a Virtual Assistant or a Real Assistant and as a Project Worker - a Professional with an Environment Studies and Business Administration BSc Hons Degree, QAA-Confidence can help you collect the Information you need to make the best choices, in a move to becoming part of the Greener, more Sustainable Future:  Particularly in line with the Nottingham City Council and One Nottingham Green future for 2020 programme.

Saving you valuable time, Research can be undertaken at an hourly rate and a written report with options available and reviews (but no recommendations - changing homes can require Planning consent and Workplace changes need careful deliberation with all the facts and information).

The End of the Green Deal apart from Assessments.

The UK is a mixed economy with free choices, Successive Government's try to accommodate new initiatives and if their support and the carrying out of those initiatives is not 100% reliable, presumably it (the Government - no matter which Political Party) could find itself accused of wrongdoing against big business or factions who may have not been aware of the implications at the outset.

Sensibly Green

This is the best option for our Mixed Economy therefore if it has not been possible to properly fund and run a reputable system for Individuals, Homeowners and Micro and Small to Medium Companies or Enterprises to rely on; then the Government has no alternative to withdraw and hopefully the Private Sector will continue to create that resource, at a reasonable cost, charge for it and Government must bring in new Regulations and Legislation for those Private Companies to be held to account should they be found to be unethical.  Resorting to the legal process for anyone who is unlucky enough to find themselves on the wrong side of unethical traders should not cost a small fortune.  The Green Deal was about Government Grants - hopefully all those monies have been wisely spent.

The Government should not run a system that is misleading or allow the dis-reputable to exploit people.  In addition the UK's move towards Global Environment targets should be planned and sensibly met - research on Electric Cars and outlets to charge them in convenient locations for example (we managed to change from 4* Petrol to Unleaded!) and hopefully provision for sustainable energy technologies - if other Countries can become more sustainable, so should we. If for example a family wanted to be able to live and use sustainable energy it would be cool to have the choice.

We have to try to upgrade properties to reduce their need for utilities that can be more effectively an efficiently used. We would like some similar but updated project to follow the Green Deal if it is possible.

Nottingham and Nottingham City are making attempts to move to a more sustainable future within their forecast plans.

Utopia is difficult to achieve on a budget.

Administration Utopia is possible if you contact QAA-Confidence!

Green Deal Assessments

It is possible however for Individuals to still have an Environment Assessment - and the Green Deal continues in this way.

The Nottingham City Council (and other Councils) have information on these topics.

Meanwhile ... Back at the Ranch, it is possible to employ a reputable individual, a Professional, to discuss requirements regarding the assessment, collection of information and details of a project, particularly Green Energy and commission a report based on the information available or have systems set up on your own Information Management computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Green & Environment Updates Remember - Green Deal - from July 2015 it is no longer available!
Collecting Useful Information is based on
Twitter information,
rss feed information
Local Council rss (it means sending info on a real time basis)
Email subscriptions

News and specific sites and some updates can be found on this link:-

you could have a similar private or public web-blog made.

A Wordpress blog

An Rss Feed site

Choose Info from all kinds of places

Displayed in a grid format

Alternate Display - there are several RSS Feed websites.


ISO - International Standards

Gov UK Information (Green Deal) and other website links 

Links explaining the changes

There's also an Investigation Report on the Which page Home Page for switching utility tariffs.

Ofgem Individual

Affiliate Companies for Utilities and Green Energy Initiatives are being evaluated for their suitability to appear as links on this web-blog. Reviews and some verification locally is planned during the Summer, Autumn and Winter of 2015.

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