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Magazine & Opportunities

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Starting up again

The Theme's a tad where we're feeling at the moment! After working for no pay for a Community Placement ( ) in a not too bad Community Centre sorting social media and emails (ex Executive Secretary mode unimpressed with the no pay!) it was off to a Coffee Bar as an Assistant in a cool location for what was hoped to be a lengthy stay despite the advertising stating 12 weeks temporary - and of course it really was temporary and as such has left an urgent need to revisit being Self Employed. QAAWyrd is a small business that was created in 2007 to focus on qualifications and skills and competences that were not being utilised as a teacher and it had an existence at Vistaprint and also in the real 3dimensional world as a small self employed Tutoring Business which was reasonably successful although personal family committments had to come first. The Vistaprint website had to go for pay per click reasons which could have resulted in a huge bill, and the resulting wordpress for is being reconstructed as it had to change name and the process hasn't completed yet. An Excel file is ready to show the different strands of QAA-Confidence, and the means to bring in an income will hopefully be helped by moving the focus of any online information to blogger. This phase of self employment is setting out a strategy to boost confidence in the local community using tuition, virtual assistant processing data and emails, online magazines and over 8s childcare during the school holidays - to help parents or a lone parent and emerging business particularly with green tourism - and advertise local business. Lots of luck is needed.

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